Are you a regular coffee drinker? Do you have headaches, fatigue, or bloating? If you do and you want to get rid of these symptoms, you might need to do a cleanse on a regular basis. Every month I cleanse my body at least twice. Doing it more than that would be hard on my body and I don’t even think it’s indicated to cleanse more than that. I don’t just do a body cleanse. I also give my mind a much-needed cleanse as well.

2-Day Lifestyle Cleanse

Cleansing can be an effective way to put the energy back in your step. The cleanse I am talking about can be done two ways: back-to-back 2 days, or nightly every day.

The back-to-back variation is an aggressive cleanse meant to give you results almost immediately. The other version, the nightly cleanse, is a much gentler process and the results can be amazing as well.

Both versions of cleansing come with amazing results. I’m talking glowing skin, a happy liver, restored energy, deeper sleep, and weight balance. It gives the body a break from toxins, especially alcohol and caffeine, which often causes fatigue and bloating.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, taking a break from caffeine might give you a mild headache but don’t let that discourage you; just increase your water intake and replace your daily coffee with an adaptogen supplement.

2-Day Simple Cleanse to Clean Your Gut and Lose Weight

Here is my 2-day back-to-back cleansing schedule:

  • 8 AM – 1 serving of an adaptogen supplement
  • 9 AM – cleanse
  • 10 AM – light snack (under 100 calories) or ¼ apple
  • 11 AM – 2 light snacks (under 100 calories) and 1 accelerator
  • 12 PM – cleanse
  • 1 PM – light snack (under 100 calories) or ¼ apple
  • 2 PM – an energy shot or 2 light snacks (under 100 calories)
  • 3 PM – cleanse
  • 4 PM – light snack (under 100 calories) or ¼ apple
  • 5 PM – 2 light snacks (under 100 calories) and 1 accelerator
  • 6 PM – cleanse
  • 7 PM – light snack (under 100 calories) or ¼ apple
  • 8 PM – energy shot or 2 snacks
  • Bedtime – 2 flush pills

I do this schedule 2 days back-to-back. Each day I drink plenty of water and if I feel like I do not have enough energy, I replenish my water with some extra boost.

You should aim to drink at least 8oz. of water daily, but during this cleanse, the more you drink the better.

So, during these 2 days, I cut on drinks and foods that are somewhat regular. If you want to get rid of headaches, bloating, or fatigue, you will have to cut at least the following drinks and foods:

  • Coffee or teas that contain caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy products
  • Soy milk
  • Refined sugars and sweeteners
  • Wheat, gluten, and carbs
  • Meat
  • Trans fats, especially those that come with processed foods or anything that is deep fried.

All you will intake during the 2-day back-to-back cleanse is what is up on the schedule I just listed above.

Ok, so this takes care of the diet part. Let’s talk about lifestyle changes and detoxing your environment, which is just as important.

Creating healthy lifestyle habits


You should get plenty of sleep. During cleansing, your body will need to use up more energy because you are not eating your regular foods. So, make sure you are well rested.

Make sure you are staying hydrated. Aim to drink at least 8 oz. of filtered water a day to help your kidneys flush out toxins.

Practice emotional self-care. Because your body will flush out the toxins you may feel….let’s just say…emotional for the next couple of days. It’s common to feel more sensitive so make sure you set aside some time for you.

A quick note about a side effect of cleansing: you may feel like you are chill or cold during this time. Don’t panic! You are not about to catch a cold (at least not from cleansing.) Feeling like you’re cold during this time is normal because you are flushing out the toxins and your body is redirecting the energy elsewhere. Everything is back to normal after the cleanse.


Detox your environment


Because after the cleanse you will feel lighter and more energetic you should keep that vibe going and continue giving your body love, but in a different way:

  • Got to a sauna or steam room
  • Get a massage
  • Challenge yourself to avoid the things you avoided during the cleanse for a longer period. Do a week and if all good increase the time to a month. If things are going great, just keep on going.
  • Detox your home and environment
  • Schedule your next cleanse (usually the week right after than rest for 2 weeks before you do it again)

You can find a bunch of my favorite detox-friendly tips in the freebie sections of my website. If you want to download this 2-day back-to-back cleanse schedule, click here.