The beautiful and ugly truth once you’ve hit your 40’s

I’ve lived through almost 4 decades, and for some reason, I don’t feel my age at all. In fact, I feel like I’m trapped in my late 20’s to early 30’s…. But, I see that number with “4” in the front looming ahead and I know I cannot avoid it!

Not only I see that number, but I feel some things changing with my body and myself. Not my mind. Up to a point, it still thinks I’m in the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd decade of my life.

Every time I look in the mirror and I see my reflection it just hits me like a BANG! It hits me all at once.


So here are some things I’m experiencing or I’ve been told to expect once I hit 40″

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1. Hair

If this would be about the hair on my head, I would be like….”is it gonna grow thicker?’

But no, it’s not about the head hair – I’ve been told that it would thin and go drab, lifeless and eventually fall out. I’m like STFU! Then, I remember I have fabulous products that will prevent just that so I take a deep breath and calm down.

I’ve also been told to expect sprouting of poky chin hairs, invisible during checks in mirrors at home but suddenly there – wafting in the breeze -when out in public. Just tragic!

I guess I have to pack some heavy-duty tweezers in my purse and brace myself!


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21. Pleather is not for you (never wore it, never will)

22. You notice your feet (shit starts growing there too)

23. You cry – at everything (it’s a given)

24. You have to eat better and exercise (God knows)

25. You have found your underwear soulmate (yep)

26. Eyes are weird (supposedly, one starts to shrink while the other, mysteriously, remains the correct size – I say buggers)

27. You buy multiples (I already do) 

28. You’re never going to learn Spanish….Ah….no senor! Maybe Chinese!!!

29. Acceptance is lovely …..I guess

30. Shots are never a good idea


31. You crave order

32. You scatter seeds on food (good one 🙂 )

33. You develop an obsession with loos (that’s restrooms if you don’t understand)

34. Fringes are your friend (not on clothes, but on my hair…for sure)


2. You learn to lower your expectations of others.

3. You really stop caring what others think of you and focus on feeding your soul.

4. You start living your life your way and you’re more authentic about it.

5. Working to live and not living to work.

6. You discover the power of saying no and not feeling bad about it.

7. You stop wasting time and energy on negative people and the drama that comes with them.

8. You actually accept your aging and it’s not so bad. (I doubt this one)

9. You become more forgiving and you learn to walk away from stressful situations without regret. (true)

10.  You buy embarrassing ointments (oh geeze, I can’t wait)

11. You make an ‘oof’ noise when getting up

12. Radiators are now a Thing (so does your cat, your dog, and your hubby or significant other)

13. You are no longer a ‘Mademoiselle’ (if you go in France, that is….but then you become a “Madamme” not a Madam thank god)

14. Turning off lights becomes an obsession (been doing that for a while now)

15. You argue with young people about wearing coats (I could care less, unless they are at the age when they don’t know betters, so I argue with their parents)

16. You have contradictory hygiene standards (will bitch about people drinking milk from a carton, but I’m letting our dog and cats sleep with us in bed)

17. Topshop is not for you (so do a lot of other brands, but  I will not go to Croft & Barrow)

18. Comfort is the number one factor when selecting footwear (I’ll have my Valentinos or Loubutins on and my flats in my bag to change the first sign of hurting feet)

19. You actually make – and keep – health appointments

20. Pubs aren’t for standing (nope, I’ll not stand)

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35. Shots are never a good idea (yep, can’t drink like in the old days)

36. Camping gives you terrors (for sure, I prefer a nice comfy bed)

37. You suffix your sentences with ‘these days’

38. Hangovers (don’t get them anymore)

39. Support a cause

40. Research your family tree

In all honesty, I’m LOVING where I’m at in my life…well, maybe not the wrinkles that start appearing on my forehead or the white hair on my head. my 40’s minus the few wrinkles and white hairs coming in.

I feel that sense of freedom of truly being myself.

I love this my generation because women just like me have created so many options that let us live our lives on our own terms, make us look youthful, and we are in charge of our own destiny.

So, if you are approaching your 40’s, let’s connect and embrace it along the self-freedom that comes with it.

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Cheers to your HUGE success!!!