One of the topics often neglected in skincare is skincare for men. We all hear about tips, tricks, routines, etc. for women, but rarely for men. Although I must admit, there are increasingly skincare companies that pay attention to men’s needs when it comes to this topic.

Men are also pursuing healthier lifestyles. They also want to look younger and have younger-looking skin. So, this is a perfect time for men to evaluate their skincare routines and learn more about how to take care of their body’s largest organ.

There are some key differences between men and women’s skin. For example, men’s skin is thicker than women’s, but, the basic elements of an effective skin care plan remain the same.

Step 1. Identifying Skin Type

This is super important if you want to make sure you use the adequate products that will solve your own personal skin care concerns.

Here are the most important skin types and what is characteristic for each one:

  • Normal skin: this skin type is clear and not sensitive
  • Dry skin: this skin type is flaky, itchy, or rough
  • Sensitive skin: this skin type may sting or burn after product use
  • Oily skin: this skin type is shiny and greasy
  • Combination skin: this skin type is dry in some areas and oily in others

This is just a broad explanation of the major skin types. If you have questions about your own skin, use this tool to find out your type and the best skincare routine for your own specific concerns.

Once you understand your skin type you will also learn how to take care of it and which products are the right ones for you.

6 Skincare Tips for Men

Tip #1: Analyze product labels and ingredients list

Your skincare products should be chosen based on your skin type. If your skin is prone to acne, look for cleansers and moisturizers that say “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic” because these type of products will prevent your pores from getting clogged by dirt and dead skin.

If your skin is sensitive, you will want to use “fragrance-free” and mild products that will not leave your skin irritated and/or dry.

Attention: you should be beware of “unscented” in the product labels. Many of these may contain masking fragrances that will irritate your skin.

Tip #2. Frequent Face Washes: Daily & Post Workout

Avoid washing your face with regular bar soaps. Their ingredients can be harsh and they often dry your skin. Use instead a mild facial cleanser and lukewarm (not hot) water.

Tip #3.  Watch Your Shaving Technique

Now, I do not much about shaving, as women shaving is a little different than men shaving. But I also noticed some similarities and whenever I have questions, I just ask my husband.

If you often experience razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or razor burns (it happened a couple of times to me because I was in a hurry and didn’t use the right tools and products), use a single or double-blade razor. Also, avoid stretching your skin taut while shaving.

Before you shave, make sure you wet your skin and hair to soften it (like I said I did this before….or rather I didn’t do it.) Instead of soap or your regular shower gel, use a moisturizing shaving cream and shave in the direction of hair growth (super important).

Rise your razor after each swipe (I admit I am not doing this regularly). Change your blades often (my husband is using these) or get a new cartridge if you are using the combo sets. This will minimize irritation.

Tip #4. Moisturize Daily

How many of you men do it?….Common, admit it!

Using a moisturizer will help trap the water in your skin. This will reduce the appearance of fine lines and will make your skin look brighter and younger.

For the best results, you should apply moisturizer to your face and body immediately after showering or shaving while your skin is still damp.

Tip #5. Inspect Your Skin Regularly

As we age our skin changes as well. New spots or moles may appear. Inspect them to see if they itch, bleed, or change color. If you notice any of these, consult a doctor immediately. I don’t want to alarm you, but you want to make sure you pay attention to any warning signs of skin cancer.

So if you see anything suspicious, make an appointment with your primary care doctor or your dermatologist immediately.

With men over 50, there are higher risks of developing melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) than the general population. But if you inspect your skin regularly, and you catch these early warning signs, you have a higher chance to treat this skin cancer successfully.

Tip #6. Always Wear Sunscreen

This is another one I have to ask…..raise your hand if you do this every day!

Sun damage can lead to wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer. When going outdoors, even if you just step outside around the house, mow your grass, play some ball, etc…you should apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of your skin. This includes your scalp, neck, ears, and lips (yes, your lips can get sunburned too.)

For best protection, use a broad spectrum, created by dermatologists, that is also water resistant, and it has an SPF higher than 30.

Reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours after sweating or swimming.

Another way of protecting your skin is to wear protective clothing, sunglasses that have UV protection, and wide-brimmed hats.

Or…just stay inside and never leave your house!!!!……. Now, this obviously is just a joke! But usually, men do not pay attention to these things. Times are changing, however, and if you want to make sure you take care of your body, to look younger and have younger, healthier looking skin, you will consider implementing these tips.

Since every man’s skin is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to skin care, and if you aren’t sure what skin type you have, or if have questions about how to take care of your skin, click here to use my go-to solution tool.

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